How do I buy coins with US Dollars?

Wire Transfers Closed

At this time Bittrex is no longer accepting wire transfers. Bittrex hopes to offer wire transfers again soon.

Bittrex does not currently offer the direct purchase of coins using credit, debit, or ACH bank accounts.  The only option is performing a wire transfer.  In the near future Bittrex will be launching more USD options.


Wire Transfers of $10,000 or greater to purchase BTC, ETH, or USDT

Bittrex currently offers the purchase of BTC, ETH or USDT via wire transfers in the amount of $10,000 or greater.  Your account must be Enhanced Verified before we begin the wire transfer process.

If you would like to perform a wire transfer please see this article and follow all instructions: Wire Transfer Instructions

Coming soon

In the near future Bittrex will be launching USD Markets and allow Credit/Debit deposits of USD in order to purchase/sell BTC.





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