Multiple Accounts - Phone and Identification Reuse Policy

Bittrex does allow multiple accounts.  All accounts must be verified at the Enhanced Verification level and users must notify Bittrex of any additional accounts they open under the same identification.  Please make sure that your accounts do not trade with each other, as this would be a terms of service violation and cause for termination of all associated accounts.

The verification system will currently mark any phone or identification reuse as fraud and automatically disable any account that is detected to be using a phone number or identification document that has previously been used for verification.  

Steps for opening an additional Bittrex account:

  1. Enhance verify your first account
  2. Open a second account
  3. Enhance verify the second account with the same documents used on your first account
  4. The system will automatically disable your additional accounts
  5. Open a support request using this button Multiple Account Request
  6. Once your ticket is submitted the system will respond with all of the information we need from you in order to get your accounts enabled and ready for use.  Please make sure to read our response carefully and provide all necessary information.
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