Purchase USDT, BTC, or ETH via Wire Transfer

NEW: USDT purchases are now subject to a 1% fee, BTC and ETH remain at 0.25%. For those purchasing USDT solely for the use of trading on Bittrex, we will rebate you 0.75% of the 1% fee if funds remain on the exchange for 14 days and have been used for trading on Bittrex. Please request that rebate by emailing [email protected] 

Bittrex allows for the purchase of USDT, BTC, or ETH in the amount of $100,000 USD or greater via wire transfer to our bank in the United States.  When you send funds to Bittrex via wire transfer you are not depositing USD, you are buying USDT, BTC, or ETH cryptocurrency directly from us. 

Why does Bittrex offer USDT, BTC, or ETH for purchase via wire transfer?

Bittrex collects cryptocurrency commissions in USDT, BTC, and ETH (the three cryptocurrency trading markets we support). Due to high customer demand for this service, we now offer qualified customers the opportunity to buy directly from our inventory as an incidental service of our core business as a trading platform. Once we process your wire transfer we will send the purchased cryptocurrency to your existing Bittrex account.

How does the purchase price and timing differ between USDT and BTC or ETH?

  • USDT: wires are always credited $1 for 1 USDT
    • USDT purchased will be sent to your Bittrex account same-day or next-day prior to 12AM PT
  • BTC or ETH: Purchasing BTC or ETH directly can avoid the extra step of trading from USDT to BTC/ETH and is ultimately preferred by Bittrex. Given the live trading price of BTC and ETH, the purchase process is as follows:

What do we require from you to process your Wire Transfer?

  1. Identity Verification: Your Bittrex account must be Identity Verified from the Settings page on Bittrex.com.
    • Log into Bittrex.com -> click ‘Settings’ -> click ‘Identity Verification’
    • Follow the instructions to upload your selfie and government ID
    • Our system must confirm your identity has been successfully verified
  2. Company Verification: If you are trading on behalf of a company or other organization, you must first receive corporate account approval before we can process your wire transfer purchase requests.
  3. Reside in Approved Location: or be operating in a location that permits us to accept your wire transfer. Most locations are permitted, however we cannot process sales from all countries and all US states due to government regulations. Please contact [email protected] with any questions to confirm you qualify.
  4. File Support Ticket: Before releasing your wire transfer you must submit a support ticket with all necessary information here: Purchase USDT, BTC, or ETH via Wire Transfer form
    • USD amount you will send (must be greater than $100,000 USD, please contact [email protected] for wire amounts over $250,000 USD)
    • Cryptocurrency you intend to purchase (USDT, BTC, ETH)
    • Incoming bank information
    • Your Bittrex account email
    • Select international or domestic Wire
  5. Collect Correct Wire Instructions for you (International or Domestic): You will receive an auto-response email after you submit a support ticket from the previous step with one of two sets of our wire transfer instructions.
    • International wire instructions
    • Domestic wire instructions
  6. Wire from Known Source: Source of incoming wire transfer funds must match your account (e.g. you name or a pre-approved company name) email [email protected] for any questions.
  7. Update your support ticket: respond to the auto-response (the email we sent you containing international or domestic wire transfer instructions) confirming you have released your wire transfer
  8. Ticket for every wire: You must submit a new support ticket prior to each time you release a wire transfer to Bittrex. Wires without corresponding support tickets will not be processed, regardless of your wire transfer purchase history.

How does Bittrex process your cryptocurrency purchase request?

  • Settlement: Each incoming wire transfer must be settled in our bank account. Settlement into our account is usually same day for Domestic wires. For international wires, this can often take three business days. Bittrex has no control over any banking-related delays. Wires sales are only processed on US business days.  
  • Associated support ticket: A support ticket must be submitted prior to processing here: Purchase USDT, BTC, or ETH via Wire Transfer form
  • Same-day or Next-day Processing: All correctly received wire transfer purchases will be processed same-day or next-day unless we inform you directly otherwise.
  • Confirmation and Send: Purchased cryptocurrency along with email purchase confirmation will be sent to your Bittrex account.
  • Blockchain delays: All purchases sent to you are subject to public blockchain confirmation times out of Bittrex’s control. Public network congestion can cause Bitcoin and Ethereum sends from Bittrex to take longer than an hour to confirm.


We will return your wired funds to you at your cost if the instructions outlined above are not followed, most importantly if:

  • The name of the source of funds is unknown or does not match a name (either you or the organization you represent) associated to the Bittrex account in question
  • The source of wire funds is from an organization that has not yet been approved for a corporate account
  • You fail to file a support ticket appropriately here: Purchase USDT, BTC, or ETH via Wire Transfer form
  • You fail to reply to any direct outreach from Bittrex regarding your wire

Troubleshooting Guidelines

Please check your transaction for these common errors:

  1. The name on your Bittrex account does not match the account holder name from the Bank. It may be a company name that was not registered with us.  We will not be able to process your wire unless it matches information we have in your ticket. Please update your ticket with this information. We will return wires for companies that have not already registered with us and names we cannot match to accounts.  Note some credit unions and brokerages use their own account names when sending wires and we will not be able to process them without additional approval.
  2. The routing number or account number you sent the wire to may have been entered incorrectly. Check the instructions we gave you and compare the numbers to your receipt. If you are sending from outside the United States make sure you send using our international wire instructions, not the domestic wire instructions. If there is an error, you will need to contact your bank.
  3. For international wires, the Swift code or ABA number of the intermediary bank may have been entered incorrectly. Check the instructions we gave you and compare the numbers to your receipt. If there is an error, you will need to contact your bank.
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