Claims, Stakes, Promotions, Giveaways, Forks and Airdrops

Sometimes we are asked to help users participate in “claiming” coins that are part of promotional giveaways, to credit coins as part of an “airdrop,” or to support other promotional features offered by the coins that are traded on our exchange.  Bittrex's primary responsibility to you is to ensure that your coins are kept safe, and to offer a secure exchange service that enables trading coin A for coin B securely; it is not intended to be used as an online or personal wallet. 

It is not the responsibility of Bittrex to "claim" coins on your behalf.  If you wish to claim something, you should designate your own personal wallet as the withdrawal, airdrop, or deposit destination.  If Bittrex does not explicitly announce support for a promotion or coin feature, it is not supported.  If Bittrex decides to support credits of coins for airdrops, giveaways, staking, forks or any other promotion or feature of a coin that provides additional coins, it will be announced and supported publicly.  Please do not assume Bittrex will offer this support without an official announcement.  If you desire to participate in any of these features or programs, please remove your assets from the exchange to a personal wallet before doing so.

Bittrex will also consider some of the following criteria:

  • The existence of a development team and if they have contacted Bittrex
  • Whether the coin has public developers
  • Whether the coin has a Testnet
  • Whether there is availability of public code
  • Whether there is a premine


UPDATE 11/24/2017: Add consideration criteria


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