Fast Deposit Program - Pilot

We are starting a pilot program that allows some users to have faster deposits on Bittrex. 

How do I qualify for the pilot?

Your account must be 1) enhanced verified, 2) you must have an account with Bittrex older than 30-days where you carry a balance significant enough to cover your average deposit and 3) average at least 50 btc of volume per day

How do I join the pilot?

Open a Support Ticket.

How did you choose the coins for the program?  How did you determine confirmation counts?

We looked at which markets had the most deposits and withdrawals.  Stability of the blockchain also factored into inclusion.

What are the faster confirmation counts?

BTC - 1
ARDR - 4
CLAM - 3
DASH - 3
DGD - 12
DOGE - 3
ETC - 12
ETH - 12
HKG - 12
LSK - 10
LTC - 3
MLN - 12
NAV - 10
NXT - 4
RADS - 3
REP - 12
SNGLS - 12
SWT - 12
TIME - 12
VOX - 3
XAUR - 12
XMR - 3
XRP - 5
ZEC - 3

What happens if there is a blockchain issue?  

If your deposit is somehow invalid due to a rollback, fork, or other attack on the blockchain, we will use funds in your account to cover a lost deposit.  In some cases, that may require liquidating some of your positions.  

How do I request a coin added to the fast deposit list?  

Please open a Support Ticket. with your suggestions.  We will consider your request based on how stable the blockchain has historically been or in some cases the willingness of the coin developers to cover any instability in their blockchain.

Will you expand this to more users in the future?

We're still evaluating the performance of this but if the feedback is positive, we'd like to make this available for all enhanced accounts.

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