Bittrex Market Removal Policy - Updated 12/01/16

Updated on 12/02/16: Note the the minimum volume required went up on 12/01/16 to 0.5 BTC average per day in December.

We look for coins that have high community demand, innovations to crypto-currency technology, or a contribution to science and humanity. We believe in aggressively taking chances on coins and letting the free market sort out which coins should thrive. We just as aggressively prune our markets to allow new coins the visibility to grow in our exchange.  Our goal is to continue to launch new markets to occupy the spaces left from the coins we are removing.

Markets with less than 0.5 BTC (or equivalent) of average daily volume over a 7 day period and have been on Bittrex for 4 weeks or more are eligible for removal.  Coins with no developer support, working blockchains, or violate our policies are also candidates for removal.    

We add warnings to markets on the weekend and remove them on Fridays.  Saving a coin requires bringing the average daily volume back up before the next scheduled removal date.  We require 0.5 BTC (or equivalent) of average daily volume over a 14 day period.  We vary the time on Friday in which we check for volume to prevent coin developers from placing a single large order to save their coin.  The best way to keep a market from being in danger is to continue to develop steady trading volume each day. 

Furthermore, markets that consistency dip below the minimum volume requirement may get the minimum volume requirement increased or delisted without notice.  Markets with 0 daily volume may also be flagged for delisting without notice.  

If a market is removed, you will have 14 days to remove your coins from our wallets.


Bittrex reserves the right to keep or remove any market from its exchange.



Q] Bittrex, why do you hate my coin?

A] We don't.  We added your coin because we thought it met one of our criteria.  It is very likely that your coin has been pulling low volume for awhile and we kept it on the market (some coins for 6 months or more) at a loss to ourselves because we wanted to see it grow.  Give us a reason to keep the coin and we will very likely keep it.  


Q] How do I prevent my coin from being delisted or getting the warning?

A] This is easy. 

  a) Never drop below the minimum volume threshold (see more about that in the answers below)

  b1) If you are on the development team or foundation of a blockchain, tell us about what is happening with it.  Be proactive.  We love to know that the risks we took in adding you to the exchange were worth it. 

  b2) If you are a token holder or generally are a fan of a specific token, let us know.  But don't spam.

  c) Never let us get surprised by a fork or any other disruption of your blockchain and please be responsive to our requests for support.  In general, support tickets from our users is the primary expense for any given blockchain. 

We realize that the potential delisting of a coin elicits an emotional reaction.  And it's unfortunate that with most coin developers, we only hear from you when the delisting notice comes up.  Please don't make that the case.  


Q] Why are so many coins delisted now?

A] We've been lax at running the delisting query while we've focused on the v2 Bittrex site but it should be done at least once a month again.  That will keep the number of warnings and actual delistings lower.  


Q] What criteria do you use to warn markets?

A] We run a query that tells us the average volume over a 7 day period.  Markets (with some exceptions below) that don't meet the volume minimum will get flagged for potential delisting.  Note that the criteria for warning is subject to change.


Q] Why are some coins up for delisting but others aren't?

A] We provide exceptions for new coins just launched on the exchange, some charity coins, assets on secure blockchains (like an XCP token) and when there are good reasons to keep it.  That last is at our discretion but in the past has included things like the developer recovering from a personal tragedy or a market losing volume because it was disabled while the development team fixed a fork.  


Q] Why the minimum of 0.5 BTC per day?

A] We've tried to pick a reasonably low minimum that just shows us user interest.  At today's market rate, we're talking about $450 dollars a day in volume.  We're going to update this criteria at a future date because some developers have chosen to game the system by trading the minimum back and forth.


Q] Can I pay to keep my coin on Bittrex?

A] No.  We'd rather you spend that money on developing the community and interest of your coin.  We all win if that happens.


Q] So if I just self trade and meet the minimum, you will keep my coin listed?

A] No.  If we catch you doing this, we will just delist the coin without warning.  We want to see real trading and growth.  


07/19/15: Clarified the conditions and reasons that will trigger a delisting.  tldr; don't count on a single large order to save your market.  We want to see sustained trading and growth.   

06/21/16: Added the 0 volume condition

09/17/16: Added an FAQ

10/07/16: Updated with the 0.3 volume requirement

12/01/16: Updated with the 0.5 volume requirement

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