Updates to Minimum Trade Sizes

In an effort to improve our ordering system, we are updating our minimum trade sizes based on two pieces of customer feedback. 

First, there are bots filling up the order books with tiny orders while attempting to camouflage the real buy and sell support. While there are multiple ways we are addressing this problem, one way is to make it more costly for bots to place bogus orders.

Second, our minimum order sizes were confusing because they were different for every market and required constant manual tweaking as prices fluctuated.  We've tried to keep them consistent but there are often times when the minimum orders change faster than we could react in hot markets. 

Starting July 30th, we are standardizing our minimum trade sizes at 50,000 satoshis.  API users will see the following error code when placing too small of an order. DUST_TRADE_DISALLOWED_MIN_VALUE_50K_SAT





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