How do I submit coin information for the Bittrex UI?

You may have noticed new content appearing in the Market pages.  This information is for traders to research coins and for coin developers to reach new audiences.  If you are a coin developer and would like to submit some information, please fill out the JSON object below.

Each field below is optional.   If you have suggestions for other types of information that would be a great resource for traders to do research, please let us know.


    "description":"Put a description of your coin, up to 1000 characters long.  We will reject any content that misrepresents your coin",
    "reddit" : "",



    "slack": "",

    "video": [


          title: "your coin vid",

          caption: "your video is cool",

          url: ""



    "team": [


          name: "cool dev",

          role: "developer",

          location: "seattle, usa",

          twitter: "",

          email: "[email protected]"




Updated: 1/20/16, Removed pod, expanded the persona section, added slack and videos

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