STEEM Q&A with Ned and Bytemaster 04/17/2016

Thanks to Ned and Bytemaster for coming and chatting in  Below, you will see the transcript of the #steem channel during the time Ned was fielding questions.  I cut and paste this directly out of the chat client so I apologize for some of the weirdness in the content.  Nothing was removed.

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ned [5:25 PM] Hey everyone :simple_smile: Look forward to the AMA at 9pm EST.  In the meantime, feel free to check out the items pinned in the Steem slack (, including alpha, the Steem Whitepaper and some sneak peaks at the website. :simple_smile:
steemd [5:40 PM] @wigitgetit: im not in dev team, just fan :smile:
wigitgetit [5:40 PM] I am reading the material @ned posted
steemd [5:41 PM] make sure to join steem slack there is lots of valuable info there

ned [6:01 PM] Hi there :simple_smile:
I am Ned Scott, co-founder of Steem, here for any questions about $STEEM
bittrex-bill [6:03 PM] heh, people are probably not here yet because i announced the wrong time yesterday
@channel The STEEM team is here
clemahieu [6:04 PM] What is this?
bittrex-bill [6:04 PM] how about starting with the elevator pitch for STEEM and that may stir up questions.
For content creators who cannot make money online without using advertising ..
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ned [6:05 PM] Steem is a social media platform .. where anyone can post content ..
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ned [6:06 PM] and the more the content is appreicated (voted up) .. the more crpytocurrency the poster earns
and on the flip side ..
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samsmith [6:06 PM] is it true that 80% was ninja mined?
if so please help me understand why?

"We have secured ~80% of the initial STEEM via mining.  Our plan is to keep 20%, sell 20% to raise money, and give away 40% to attract users / referrers. "
ned [6:06 PM] the earlier a voter up-votes a post that becomes popular .. the more STEEM the voter earns
Great question @samsmith
Steemit, Inc developed Steem with a specific business plan in mind
samsmith [6:07 PM] hey @ned what your BCT username?
clemahieu [6:07 PM] Can the dude talk?
ned [6:08 PM] much of our steem will go towards user acquistion .. through a very innovative method
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ned [6:08 PM] when we transfer steem to new users .. we transfer it into vested form …..
…..which means no sell pressure :simple_smile:
samsmith [6:09 PM] ok so it was planned to ninja mined 80% so this is part of your plan
ned [6:10 PM] we would have pre-mined ….. but we had good reason not to.  see my business partner, co-author and dev’s post:
Join me as I explore free market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property for all.

clemahieu [6:10 PM] Does it have it's own coin or does it use existing ones?
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clemahieu [6:10 PM] Does tying the platform to a specific, new CC make it harder to launch?
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bytemaster [6:11 PM] Hello everyone, this is Daniel Larimer, co-founder of Steem.
ned [6:11 PM] @clemahieu: we believe it gives steem an advantage
@bytemaster: hello dan :simple_smile:
samsmith [6:11 PM] ok so instead of calling it pre-mined you simply did a ninja mined.. I guess I could see why
bytemaster [6:11 PM] Long term plan is to distribute tokens in a more beneficial manner
We will be giving people free accounts when they sign up on
clemahieu [6:12 PM] @ned What would you say are some of the advantages?  One disadvantage it seems is it limits the utility if it's centered around a specific platform.
ned [6:12 PM] having much of the token is key to user acquisition .. increasing community size and participation
samsmith [6:12 PM] ok I see where your going.. why trust them in the hands of miners
ned [6:13 PM] Pinned a message. See all pinned items in this channel.
when we transfer steem to new users .. we transfer it into vested form …..

ned [6:13 PM] Pinned a message. See all pinned items in this channel.
…..which means no sell pressure :simple_smile:

ned [6:14 PM] has everyone here seen the alpha release ?
samsmith [6:14 PM] ok so I see you lock them up when you send them to a new user.. so this helps you have control over the ones unlocked
steemd [6:14 PM] if i vote for a witness, whats my benefits ? to how many witnesses i can vote ?
clemahieu [6:14 PM] @ned It seems the reason to do that would be to encourage new users though it raises two questions, how do you determine user uniqueness and what if you run out?
ned [6:14 PM] email and phone number should get us most of the way there
bytemaster [6:14 PM] When you vote for a witness you are voting for someone to maintain the network on your behalf.
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ned [6:15 PM] some would agree community size has the greatest correlation to market capitalization in cryptocurrencies
samsmith [6:16 PM] well I have like the idea of deposits (locked up funds) ever since 2014 when XDN launched it
ned [6:16 PM] as we on board new users .. we assume steem’s speculative community will grow …..(edited)
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complexring [6:16 PM] i have a question: why would i have various miners that are constantly missing.  i have 6 instances on AWS up and running and all of my miners that have been through the queues show blocks missing to be some positive value (near a multiple of 21)
richlie [6:16 PM] how many steem in circulation?
steemd [6:16 PM] @bytemaster: do i get a portion of the witness rewards ?
ned [6:17 PM] another reason to have a large amount of steem .. is to .. create a referral program … :simple_smile:
bytemaster [6:17 PM] that depends upon whether the witness pays those who vote for them and whether or not voters like witnesses who buy votes
clemahieu [6:18 PM] @ned Are there bridges to existing social networks?  I think one of the critical aspects of social media is critical mass adoption.  While being paid for content sounds appealing, there would need to be a critical mass audience making those payments.
samsmith [6:18 PM] o I think I'm seeing the picture.. you guys planned to ninjia mined.. to keep it out of the hands of silly miners.. to then send it to new users locked up so that your to only one with a large amount of unlocked coins?
nextgencrypto [6:18 PM] How do you plan to market Steemit beyond the crypto community?
clemahieu [6:18 PM] Is there a way to ignore people that ask dumb questions?
ned [6:18 PM] There are three types of Steem
1) Steem
clemahieu [6:18 PM] Oh wait I see.
ned [6:18 PM] 2) Steem Dollars
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ned [6:18 PM] 3) Steem Power
The steem we give away is Steem Power
Steem Power allows users to earn …… to earn .. by voting up good content
nextgencrypto [6:19 PM] Steem Power = VESTS?
samsmith [6:19 PM] yeah this sounds way to centralized for me.. good luck
ned [6:19 PM] Steem Power = VESTS
great question
steem pays for content similar to how bitcoin pays for mining
new tokens are created to recognize individual’s work .. there is a set amount of new tokens created everyday at a specific rate ..
clemahieu [6:22 PM] What's the way to determine bonafide content versus shill content?
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ned [6:22 PM] great question
it will depend entirely on how the community votes ..
votes .. however .. are stake weighted .. so users who wish to protect the integrity of the platform will downvote shills
steemd [6:24 PM] @ned: is currently not working ? the Browse button on the corner is gone, and im not able to Post.
its just like i believe
ned [6:25 PM] @steemd the link should definitely be avaialble through slack
clemahieu [6:25 PM] How do those users determine shills or how do we know if they just don't like the content?
@clemahieu: it’s possible they just don’t like it
the concept is simialr to
… where content must be appreciated by the community to rise to the top … content that is not found or appreciated … left at bottom(edited)
clemahieu [6:28 PM] Agreed.  The worry would be there's monetary incentive to game the vote versus Reddit where it's just for lulz, what have you planned around that?
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kushed [6:28 PM] does every vote have the same weight or does it demand on voters stash/vests?
bittrex-bill [6:29 PM] @ned how do you prevent vote rigging for content?  bots do try to game reddit(edited)
bytemaster [6:29 PM] @ned, let me answer that one
embeddedthought [6:29 PM] When is Bittrex going to support Peercoin trading?

ned [6:29 PM] @bytemaster could speak more to some of the algorithms that level the playing field .. such as vote limiting .. one who votes too much … or too fast …… reduces …. or loses… their voting power temporarily ...(edited)
bytemaster [6:30 PM] all voting is stake weighted
furthermore, voters have finanical incentive to downvote abuse.
third, there is no advantage to creating multiple accounts
kushed [6:30 PM] it costs to vote?
clemahieu [6:30 PM] How do we know if those with the highest stake are voting for their own content?
bytemaster [6:31 PM] votes are free, but each account is rate limited.
if you vote for 1000 things, each vote counts for 1/1000
(more or less)
so someone voting for a lot dilutes their influence vs someone who votes for a little.
complexring [6:31 PM] what EC is chosen? standard secp256k1?
clemahieu [6:31 PM] Is creating account rates limited?  How do you know if it's 1 person doing 1000/min on one account or 1 person doing 1/min on 1000 accounts?
bytemaster [6:31 PM] standard secp256k1
votes are stake weighted
so they would have to divide their stake
they have more influence / rewards for concentrating their stake
clemahieu [6:32 PM] Up until they get filtered, so they need to maximize their own return without being filtered.
bytemaster [6:33 PM] To get maximum ROI you need to upvote yourself without others downvoting you.
but the payout for votes is order n^2
clemahieu [6:33 PM] What's to stop high stake holders from downvoting adversarial content?
except their desire to maximize value of the platform
The analogy is that a CEO who fires everyone to maximize his pay only kills the company leaving him bankrupt
clemahieu [6:34 PM] Right, or no one might join the company in the first place, that could be an issue.
embeddedthought [6:34 PM] @bytemaster Any response to supporting Peercoin?
bytemaster [6:34 PM] What does Peercoin have to do with this?
(I may have missed the question)
clemahieu [6:35 PM] He's confused, he's in the wrong channel, this is about Steem
steemd [6:35 PM] he is trolling..
clemahieu [6:35 PM] Can we boot him?
complexring [6:36 PM] you didn't. i think it's some overflow from #general.
embeddedthought [6:36 PM] In all honesty I thought this was an open discussion and questions for bittrex

bittrex-richie [6:36 PM] embeddedthought: come to general
i'll talk to you about general stuff :wink:
steemd [6:37 PM] @bittrex-richie that wink looks like candy man
ned [6:38 PM] we invite @all to check out the Steemit alpha release
and come to the steem slack too :simple_smile:
bittrex-richie [6:39 PM] i have a question... can anyone be a witness node, or is it a voting process?
ned [6:40 PM] steem is hybrid POW and DPOS
how frequently you produce blocks depends upon how many votes you get
but even if you only vote for yourself, you can produce blocks periodically.
or you can dow POW
onceuponatime [6:41 PM] If someone, not a miner, bought STEEM on Bittrex, where would she withdraw it to?
bytemaster [6:41 PM] your options are:
1. ask someone to register an account for you
2. wait for free account creations should start signing up new users this week
onceuponatime [6:42 PM] :simple_smile:
bytemaster [6:42 PM] If you would like an account join
I or someone there can help register an account for non-miners
onceuponatime [6:44 PM] I bought an account from someoneiwth VESTS already in it. But I have not taken "possession" because I don't know how. I guess all just wait and watch.
steemd [6:45 PM] What is steemit marketing paln ?
bunkerchainlabs [6:45 PM] what format should be used to create anchor text links in posts? Just standard <a href> HTML tags or is there some other format that the site looks for like BBcode?
bytemaster [6:45 PM] You can transfer an account in the cli wallet by updating the private keys that control it
Use markdown for embedding links
kushed [6:45 PM] how do i post image with my post on  ?  testing within spam category
Social media meets virtual currency rewards

bytemaster [6:46 PM] ![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg)
steemd [6:46 PM] are you going to make it easier for ppl how have no idea what is markdown, maybe built-in rich txt editor ?

bunkerchainlabs [6:46 PM] ok.. so markdown is the standard.. great.. suggest an FAQ or help link
bytemaster [6:46 PM] Yes, we will be integrating an editor similar to
ned [6:47 PM] @steemd that is an excellent question .. it has many facets .. but there is one ………. protocol level ….. marketing feature .. I would like to point out …...

On July 4th
Steem will be distributing its first and largest reward fund ever
bytemaster [6:48 PM] 10% of Steem's market cap will be distributed as 50% VESTS 50% SBD on July 4th
to the best posts submitted and voted on between now and then.
ned [6:48 PM] Until then, votes will be tallying …….. users can see where their payouts might land ……. and then on July 4th ….. its rewarded to those with the best posts and votes
at a $5MM market capitalization …… there will be $500k in rewards ……. 50% Steem Dollars ….. 50% Voting Power(edited)
steemd [6:50 PM] where do you see steemit in 1-2 years ? are you going to let ppl login with / link  facebook, twitter, etc accounts ?
bytemaster [6:50 PM] yes, facebook login will be enabled this week
to create your first account
but then you will have to login with your username/password as we do not want to store private keys.
In 1-2 years I would hope to see Steemit operating on a scale similar to Reddit and its top competitors.
but, that is just my hope and not a promise :simple_smile:
steemd [6:52 PM] username + pass = privkey ( brainwallet )
bunkerchainlabs [6:52 PM] when will there be a mobile app made?
richlie [6:52 PM] bitshare fans panic now.
ned [6:52 PM] it’s in the queue but we can’t make any commitments to that at this time
bunkerchainlabs [6:53 PM] is hotlinking to content possible/allowed?
for example. Someone with a blog pulling content from the steem network.. text/images and all
does steem support RSS?
bytemaster [6:54 PM] steemit's policies will be similar to other websites as necessary to prevent abuse of our services.
Anyone is free to create a block explorer
or republish content from the blockchain.
Steem is just a blockchain can support RSS and more.
I think it is very critical to separate the difference between Steem and like you would separate Bitcoin and
bunkerchainlabs [6:56 PM] will steem allow other blockchain explorers to display its content?
Is the API open?
ned [6:57 PM] Yes .. the BSD license on Steem allows free commercial use of the STEEM chain

without replication
bytemaster [6:57 PM] anyone can build a block explorer to display content.
bunkerchainlabs [6:58 PM] is there support for other language character sets such as arabic?
bytemaster [7:00 PM] Actually, Hodlcoin copied my ideas into Bitcoin
ned [7:01 PM] @bunkerchainlabs: any particular reason you mention arabic ?
bytemaster [7:01 PM] it supports UTF-8 characters
but generally speaking, content that is not readable by english / majority of holders will be voted down as it *might be spam*
ned [7:02 PM] building on that ^, if Steem is successful, it should be replicated in other language markets
kushed [7:02 PM] :popcorn:
bunkerchainlabs [7:03 PM] @ned: just easiest to remember in terms of character sets and is one of the top 5 languages in the world
@bytemaster: UTF-8 got it
samsmith [7:04 PM] @bytemaster: XDN had deposits in 2014
ned [7:05 PM] @bunkerchainlabs: yep .. believe it’s fourth largest market by language
samsmith [7:06 PM] and we know you liked @freetrade ideas for another one of your projects
Let's Talk Bitcoin
How ProtoShares evolved to become BitShares X and other future DACs.Original (dhimmels): On October 5, 2013, at the Cryptocurrency Conference, Daniel Larimer, the founder of Invictus Innovations gave a presentation on Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DAC). One idea that he presented was the creation of ProtoShares (PTS). PTS is a mineable cryptocurrency used to raise funds for the development of a suite of DACs sponsored by Invictus Innovations. ProtoShares was initially mineable only with CPUs Show more...(73KB)

So lets not keep throwing mud
ned [7:07 PM] yep . . no spit spatting .. dan has only spoken highly of free trade whenver he has come up in conversation
samsmith [7:07 PM] sry you can go back to your Q&A I;m gone again..
bytemaster [7:09 PM] @freetrade:  and I are on good terms and he talked to me about Hodl and I gave him my full support
bunkerchainlabs [7:09 PM] how can SBDs be converted to USDs?
bytemaster [7:11 PM] on the market or with the wallet command:
convert_sbd  ACCOUNT  xyz.000 SBD
that will schedule a conversion 1 week
at the median price feed
samsmith [7:13 PM] great.. you have your very confusing and convoluted form and HOdl has its very simple form.. I'm sure HOdl and STEEM will share users on some level.. I still prefer this simple version.. I can see more mass adoption..
bytemaster [7:14 PM] Hodl isn't a key feature
it is a means to our real feature which is subjective distribution of currency
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samsmith [7:15 PM] great even more difference..
bytemaster [7:15 PM] VESTS is mostly there to ensure VOTERS behave with long-term mindset.
ned [7:17 PM] @bytemaster: let’s do five more minutes …. then we can bring any q’s back to steem slack :simple_smile:
looks like a steem slack crew here atm :simple_smile:
bytemaster [7:19 PM] I would like to thank everyone at bittrex for supporting STEEM and everyone who showed up to ask good questions.
ned [7:20 PM] @bittrex-bill: @bittrex-richie thank you guys :simple_smile:
bytemaster [7:20 PM] It is my hope that what we are doing with Steem is the beginning of a much larger movement to secure the life liberty and property of all.
bittrex-richie [7:20 PM] thanks for stopping by and talking to everyone… appreciate your time.
bittrex-bill [7:20 PM] thanks for taking the time to do this.  I'll post the transcript in our articles library.  and any other developers who are interested in doing this, we'd love to host these more often.
bytemaster [7:21 PM] is there someone running a bot on steem market?
bittrex-bill [7:21 PM] that seems like a question we'd direct at you.  :simple_smile:
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