Bittrex Beta Website

As part of our ongoing effort to provide customers with the best experience possible, we’re preparing to launch the next generation of our website. We value our customers’ opinions, and we are inviting them to try the new site while it’s being Beta tested by visiting:

We hope customers will enjoy the Beta site updates, including several performance, usability, and security improvements to our API.

Note: Any customers who decide to try the Beta site, and use Bittrex API, should carefully review our document detailing the most significant changes we’ve made at:

If customers encounter a functionality anomaly, want to provide general feedback or have any API-related issues while using the Beta site, they should submit a Beta support ticket here. For any support issues unrelated to the Beta site, please submit a request at:

While unlikely, using Beta websites may present potential risks, and if customers prefer not try the enhanced Beta site, they may continue to use

Shortly after we complete the testing phase, we will officially launch the new website, which will improve the overall performance.


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